What is ECRA?

ECRA (Europe China Returnee Alliance) welcomes institutions, enterprises, colleges and universities and related industry experts from all walks of life to cooperate with us to jointly help China-Dutch-China-Europe in economic, cultural, creative, technological and talent fields exchanges and promote the common sustainable development of China and Europe.

Our Partners

Wageningen University & Research is a largely English-speaking Dutch university in the Gelderland city of Wageningen. In addition to a university, the organization consists of a number of independent research institutes from the Agricultural Research Service (DLO). These research institutes conduct non-profit application and practical research. They work on behalf of the government, the business community and non-profit organizations
Breda University attaches great importance to cooperation with international schools and scholars. The university has exchange courses with European and American universities to provide students with a national learning platform and constantly improve their professional research. NHTV Breda university has also signed agreements with Fudan University, University of international business and economics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shanghai Normal University to become friendly partners. 
Deltion college is located on campus in Zwolle the Netherlands (East), Its hotel management training focuses on entrepreneurship education and international education, and is widely recognized by the industry with its BTEC Diploma. At the same time, Deltion college has more than 10 years of international cooperation with Zhejiang Tourism College and Zhejiang Business College. The school currently has 17000 students, many of whom are currently working in many international five-star hotels in China.
Giethoorn Academy is an educational consulting company that came into existence in 1958 in the Netherlands. With the association of Dutch industry professionals having in-depth training and hands-on experience in customized development plans, designs, projects, operations & management aspects of hospitality including hotels, homestays,  restaurants and foodservice industry. Destination development with sustainable tourism concepts and embedding agri(culture).